Calling all NURSES!

Are you ready to make your  money work FOR YOU?

Invest in the stock market confidently in 5 weeks while you work your full-time job as a nurse.

I am READY! Tell me the price! 👇

Are you a nurse who takes care of sick patients, yet you were never taught how to manage your money and invest for your own future?

Are you tirelessly serving long hours, and caring for others, while your hard-earned money sits idle in a bank account?

Do you find yourself not having time to research finance terms and investments let alone enjoy your days off?

Do you dream of a life where your money works as hard for you as you do for your patients?

Do you want to have options to retire early as a nurse?!

I know I did.

I have been a nurse for over a decade. I remember how  it feels to work long 12-hour shifts in a profession that oftentimes leave you underappreciated and underpaid.

What if I tell you that you can make your money work  FOR YOU too?

What if you can do it in less than 5 weeks?

What if you can do it without hiring a financial advisor... By yourself– confidently?

What if you can have investments that could give you passive income while you work?

What if you can spend your precious time enjoying the things you love on your days off?

If you are ready to:

✔ Make the money you have sitting in your bank account work for you by investing in the stock market

✔ Create passive income and live the life you want and deserve

✔ Create a solid retirement plan as a nurse

✔ Feel confident in your own investing decisions

✔ Work towards TIME FREEDOM and unlimited opportunities and options

✔ Live your dream life NOW...




The only investing program you’ll need is to invest confidently in the stock market in 5 weeks or less while you work your full-time job as a nurse.

Meet your fellow Nurse CEO (money employer), Ellaine...

Hi! I’m Ellaine.

Just like you, I chose a rewarding and fulfilling profession– nursing.

However, after being a nurse for over 10 years, I find myself asking if my passion is enough to sustain working 12 hour shifts tirelessly until the retirement age of 60. There has to be options. There has to be a way for me to make my money WORK FOR ME so i can live my dream life now.

I became a financial educator (CFEI) & now own a blog that help nurses learn about financial literacy and investing.

I started investing aggressively 5 years through the stock market and was able to build a 6 figure portfolio (first $100k in less than 3 years)  and paid off $20,000 in student loan debt with my nurse salary. 

You can do this too. 

I am ready to make my money work!

In the last 5 years, I spent a lot of time and money learning how to invest in the stock market. I bought courses, listened to a lot of finance podcasts, followed a lot of finance gurus, read articles online about money, and googled how to get started with investing. When I got started, I even traded options, invested in individual stocks, mutual funds/etfs-



I created EMPLOY YOUR MONEY  COURSE because I know how precious your time as a nurse is.

You can learn everything in 5 WEEKS instead of 5 years.

Inside the course, you will have everything you need to get started with investing. 



(program roadmap)

 Module One

Prepare, Search, and Screen 

Before you start *actually* investing, you will need to do a few things. This module talks about the basics of personal finance & why you need to set a solid foundation before you start investing.

What's included?
  • Building wealth through investing
  • Why you need to invest NOW
  • Types of investments and where you can put your money in
  • Prereqs to Investing- checklist of what needs to be done before you invest your hard earned money
  • The Four Pillars of Financial Health
  • Setting Goals and Figuring out your values 

Module Two

Evaluate and Interview 

Remember that time when you got hired at your job? Your employer had to get to know your first. This module is an introduction to the Stock Market. Knowing how the stock market works & what assets you can buy inside it is essential to being a successful investor.

What's included?
  • Basic Stock Market Terms (What is an ETF again?)
  • How the Stock Market works and what are IPOs? (bonus: I used a healthcare company for the example!)
  • History of the stock market  
  • What kinds of stocks are out there? 
  • Finding the right broker and knowing which investment approach works for you

Module Three

Hiring and Onboarding 

Now it's time to get your money to work! In this module, you will get to actual investing step of this framework. Investing is more than just picking a ticker ( that your favorite finance guru or friend)  probably recommended for you to invest in.

What's included?
  • Introduction to different Investment Accounts (believe me, there's more to investing than just investing in your 401k) and how you can utilize them to work for you
  • How are Investments Taxed- why knowing your tax liabilities is important
  • Investment Strategies (from individual stock picking to dividend stocks to mutual funds) - I have more than 6  strategies for you! 
  • DCA or lump sum investing? Which is better?
  • How to plan and build YOUR OWN asset allocation. I will walk you STEP-BY-STEP (There's literally a whole video  walkthrough of making your first investment in  Fidelity brokerage firm)

Module Four

Management and Retention 

You've build the foundation, done all the prereqs for investing, picked your strategies. Now what?! As important it is to learn how to invest, it's also important to know how to manage your portfolios effectively. After all, I am sure you don't want to lose money in the stock market, right? 

What's included?
  • Why people lose money in the stock market
  • How much money can you make in the stock market? 
  • 3 R's (Strategies to reduce your risk in the market)
  • How to  Dollar Cost average and Automate your investments
  • The Two Intangible Pillars of Financial Health that you CAN NOT  ignore.

Module Five


Making your money *really* work for you while you work your full time job is what we're aiming for. You are now a *money employer* -WOOHOO! With that, living your  dream life now while working for it in the future is what I hope you'd do.

What's included?
  • Retirement Planning for Nurses
  • Estate Planning 101- Now that you have assets, it's time to protect them and plan for the future
  • What is FI.RE movement? 
  • How can you take your retirement funds early? (Giving you all the secrets-not so secret ways to take your retirement money before you turn 60)
  • Investing Confidently and living your dream life now

BUT that's not all of it, you'll also be getting these BONUSES...


You don't have to do this alone! 

You will  be invited to a private community where you can have direct access to me, have Q&A, and connect with other Nurse CEOs in the Kajabi community. 

BONUS: Weekly challenges inside the community for accountability


A comprehensive wealth planner that includes debt repayment strategy, investing goals, emergency fund builder, and net worth tracker so you can have a snapshot of your financial health.

LIFETIME ACCESS + Search Tool ($2997 Value)

I understand you're  a busy professional. After we're done with the 5 week program, you have lifetime access to the course. You will also have a search tool to look up questions/concepts fast! Think of this as your own google search-- but within the course.


Includes a FIRE # calculator - see how much you need to invest in order to reach your retirement goal. Remember that retirement is NOT an age! Learn options on how you can retire early as a nurse.

Retirement Planning & Tax Strategies ($399 Value)

My good friend, Rizek Housari is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Accountant. He charges $399 per hour  for consultation! This 45 minute masterclass is a gem and provides knowledge from a licensed professional!

Portfolio Examples ($199 value)

A *done for you* guide when it comes to creating your investment portfolio. Shows examples from most conservative to riskiest strategy. This includes tickers so you don't have to look them up yourself.

Are you ready to make this investment?


Your Dream Life Awaits!

Imagine a life where you're not just trading hours for dollars. Picture yourself excelling in your nursing career while your money diligently multiplies, working for you in the stock market.

Whether it's finally taking that dream vacation or securing your family's future, our course will guide you step-by-step.



 EMPLOY YOUR MONEY COURSE (5 modules with video training and workbooks/templates)

 HIRING PROCESS + Checklist -A roadmap on your journey to employing your money outlining everything you need to know to get started with investing confidently in the stock market

✔ N.C.C. →NURSE CEO CIRCLE:  a private community for direct access to me and connection to like-minded wealthy nurses. It also includes weekly challenges for accountability!

FINANCIAL HEALTH MONITOR: a comprehensive wealth planner 

✔SEARCH TOOL AND LIFETIME ACCESS: you will have future updates on this program for FREE. Plus, you will have a tool where you can search concepts/questions within the program!

FREEDOM PLANNER: Includes a FIRE # calculator and know how you can access retirement funds early!


Is this a *really* a good investment?

Typically, If you were going to hire a financial advisor, you will spend $2,000 and $7,500 a year, hiring a CFP can be fixed fee of $5000-$7500....

With Employ Your Money Course, you will get lifetime access to this program which will give you all the tools, planners, strategies so you can invest in the stock market NOW on your own confidently. 

Typically, it will cost you countless hours researching ways on how you can invest as a nurse. Your time is precious! This is time you could be spending with your loved ones, making more money or doing something that makes you happy...

With Employ Your Money Course, you will have ALL the information you need to start investing now in one place that you can access ANYTIME. There's even a search tool within  the course for convenience!

Typically, if you are going to hire a financial coach who can keep you accountable - that will already be a 5 figure investment....

With Employ Your Money Course, you will have access to me directly any day in our community and it's far from a 5-figure investment!

Ask these nurses who took the program..

Sarah, RN

 "The weekly coaching calls helped push me to not delay learning the content of the course & having the community of like-minded nurses helps me not feel that I am not alone in this journey"

Janine, RN

"Employ Your Money is more than just a course on investing- it really helped me with first tracking my finances. I can't believe how much mindset can also affect money management. Now, I feel more confident investing."

Monique, FNP

"Took the course by Ellaine. I honestly feel like every nurse or health care provider should join the course because it will save you tons of time and will help you become financially free"


Buying a course could be scary! Review the Employ Your Money Course (First Module) for 24 hours and if you feel like the course is not for you & don't vibe with the teaching style, you can request a refund. No hard feelings!

Absolutely NO REFUNDS are available after 7 days from the purchase date. Just email [email protected] 

Got questions? I have answers!

Are you ready to employ your money?


 EMPLOY YOUR MONEY COURSE (5 modules with video training and workbooks/templates)

 HIRING PROCESS + Checklist (A roadmap on your journey to employing your money outlining everything you need to know to get started with investing confidently in the stock market)

✔ N.C.C. →NURSE CEO CIRCLE:  a private community for direct access to me + get connected to other wealthy nurses

FINANCIAL HEALTH MONITOR: a comprehensive wealth planner 

✔SEARCH TOOL AND LIFETIME ACCESS: you will have future updates on this program for FREE. Plus, you will have a tool where you can search concepts/questions within the program!

FREEDOM PLANNER: Includes a FIRE # calculator and know how you can access retirement funds early!


...and SO MUCH MORE!

Regular Price $1697

Invest in your future, just like you invest in the well-being of others. 🌟

Employ Your Money Course




I Am Ready To Make This Investment!

Investing my hard-earned money has changed my life..

I used to live paycheck to paycheck as a nurse. I used to think that the only option I have is to work bedside nursing for 30-40 years until I retire. I used to not know what a 401k is and so intimidated by the word "stock market".

Now, I have over $250,000 invested in the stock market alone- and I did it all with my nursing salary. I paid off my student loans and pay off my credit card bill every month.

Most importantly, I get to enjoy my time off work knowing that my hard-earned money is also WORKING FOR ME.

I also have the option to semi-retire before I turn 45 and focus on the things that make me feel alive and happy which is being with my family and living my life in my own terms.

I want this for myself too!

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