Master Your Money Mindset

If you don't have a healthy relationship with money, working on your money mindset is one of the key defining factors to managing your money better.



What's included:

  • (1-2 hour class) Master your Money Mindset Workshop including a session with Lindsey Kochar, a licensed mental health social worker and certified financial therapist.

  • 10 day Money Reset Challenge¬†
  • Money Affirmations and ways to overcome money blocks

Financial Empowerment

Gain control over your finances by understanding and improving your money mindset.

Increased Earnings

Changing your mindset from scarcity to abundance will help you increase your earning potential as a nurse.

Sustainable Growth

Develop a growth-oriented mindset to continuously grow your money over time.

Imagine a Life Free of Financial Stress..

My name is Ellaine, financial educator, nurse practitioner who wants you to live a life filled with abundance! I teach nurses like you to invest in the stock market and make your nursing job optional. 

Working on my money mindset has enabled me to have a better relationship with money. I have build a 6 figure investment portfolio w/ my nursing salary, leveraged my career to make full time work optional and now, I created a platform for nurses like you be able to do the same.

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