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Scrubs and Stocks Podcast is a podcast hosted by Ellaine Maala, RN, NP who is a finance educator, nurse, and owner of Nursing Flowsheet LLC, which is a finance and career blog for nurses.

This podcast is created to help nurses build wealth through investing in the stock market, real estate or in their own businesses.

Nurses deserve options whether they want to  retire early or work until retirement. 

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Ellaine Maala, NP, CFEI

 Podcast Host, Nurse Practitioner, Investing Nerd, Certified Financial Educator and owner of Nursing Flowsheet. 

After working in the nursing profession for over a decade, it has become her mission to help fellow NURSES become confident, savvy investors and live the dream lives that they deserve.

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I’ve gone from feeling stressed out and overworked in my hospital job to feeling confident with my finances. Ellaine is such a beacon in the nursing profession! Financial literacy is so important to learn as a nurse.

Alex Deal


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